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Janice Buckner

Jim Gibb couldn't think of much to say about himself, but he's just bing modest. He's a superb banjo player, bringing two banjos to each concert and continually switching, but we don't know why. He's also the pickiest member of the group (pun intended) and it's hard to catch him making a mistake. He keeps our standards high. But watch out for his sense of humor. You won't see the jokes coming. 

Janice Buckner  has traveled all over the world as a singer/songwriter, performing on guitar and acoustic guitar and electric bass. Her satin voice and silky harmonies add to the bass and alto blend of Rick and Jim's dynamic voices. Their three part harmonies rival those of Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Janice's credits include the QE II Ocean Liner, the Virgin Islands, two Scottish Tours, the Whitney Museum and over 6,000 stages across the USA and abroad.  



M u s i c   f o r   A l l   O c c a s i o n s


Rick Cassolino  has so much experience we can't fit it all in, so suffice it to say that his 6 & 12 string guitar and electric bass playing is sophisticated and fast. We have had to limit him to the basic rhythms needed for bluegrass and folk, and he has simplified his technique much to the joy of traditionalists. He is low key and lovable and his personality will endear him to you. Rick has been in more bands than we can count, and he teaches guitar to American Vets and civilians in his spare time.  

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